Who is Your Favorite Band

As all of you know we change our bands every weekend.  All of you have your favorite band that you like to come in and listen to.  What I would like is your feedback.  You can even tell me which bands you are not really crazy about.  So just drop me a line and let me know what you think.  This will help me make decisions on future bookings.  Thanks for your input.

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  • Sheila:

    My favorite band is  THE REDEYE EXPRESS … Jeff really knows how to play that guitar !!

  • admin:

    Thank you for your input on your favorite band.  Yes, I agree Red Eye Extreme, formally Red Eye Express, is a really good band.  They will be playing here this weekend (July 9th & 10th).  Hope to see you here.  Thanks again for your comment.

  • carolyn:

    My favorite band is….. POWERPLAY ….  they are the BEST all round…. nice variety of music !!!!!

  • admin:

    Hey Carolyn,  Thanks for your comment about Power Play.  They have been a regular band with us for the past 12 years.  We think they are pretty good also…..

    So who else has a favorite band that plays at the Rock??  We would like to hear from you!!!!!

  • gg:

    girl all the bands that you haven chosen are awesome. ive enjoyed all of them. also try "bakeract". local from fruitland park.  just got hired at house of blues. check them out on myspace. guaranteed  a large crowd!!!

  • Jane:

    We saw The Jam Band this past weekend in Mt. Dora and they really rocked. The place was packed, and dancing all night. Used to come see them at The Rock, and would love to have them back!!!!

  • JJ:

    The Jam Band needs to come back to The Rock!!!

  • Jane:

    A whole group of us saw The Jam Band in Mt. Dora this weekend and the place was packed!!!! They were awesome, and we used to come see them at The Rock!!!  Dancefloor was hoppin' all night!

  • Liz & Mark Cates:

    Hi All, Mark Cates (former Drummer/Vocalist of the Jam Band is in a new band, called Big Bad Daddy Rocks, come see us and watch everyone have a great time too, we pack the dance floor, Classic Rock/Alternative/Grunge 70's-10's, Give us a weekend to rock the rock and you will love this band.  Besides you will have Liz to dance with again, miss you all, haven't seen you all since Zapped Band.  Our new band has Mike Roberts and Dion Dichiara, (pretty cute looking guys: they all have hair, gotta love the hair, peace out, see you all soon, Liz Cates 352-255-4651

  • Aimee:

    next weekend on the 21st of january 2012 Staggard Strait will be playing they r the best band yet! I will def be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

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