Hello Central Florida!

Keep watching here because this is where you will find most of the information about Shamrock and other fun and informative articles pertaining to everything and anything we can get our hands on.

Although called "News", this is our blog section, which means that you will have the opportunity to comment on our posts. You should know however, that we will be moderating it to keep out offensive language and other things that our readers would not appreciate.

We ask that you always be conscious that anyone can read what's here so make sure you keep things "G-Rated" for the younger crowd. Also, we will post things here that are negative – that's only fair – BUT, we will only post these things if the comment is civil and not a direct comment about someone in particular (no names, please).

Shamrock is a family place and we don't want our family hurt or abused. That includes our great customers so we WILL protect them. Besides, you can do more good with kind words than you ever will with destructive ones.

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